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Live A Live
What were the good people at Squaresoft doing in 1994 when they weren't watching Neon Genesis Evangelion? Why, writing games with strikingly similar plots, of course! Teenage mech pilots with psychological problems, ancient deities reincarnated as giant robots, meaningless symbolism, and depressing endings where everyone dies abound! And, for added measure, they threw in cowboys, cavemen, ninjas, kung-fu masters, and several freakishly huge goldfish monsters! Truly a masterpiece.

And, if you need the translation patch, get it here
Go! Go! Buriki Daioh!

Bokosuka Wars
Sometimes, simplicity produces the best effect. Believe it or not, it actually isn't the worst thing ever. Bravo! You Win! with Bokosuka Wars.

Joy Mech Fight
Crazy jumbles of disembodied limbs. A mad scientist that rivals even Dr. Wily in sheer evil stupidity. And a giant pink comedian robot. What more would you want from a title like Joy Mech Fight? Eeeeeeevil...

Phantom Fighter
Love that house-hat. With only a back-talking sidekick, a hat that looks like a little house, and about 5000 frames of animation at your disposal, you must vanquish the evil hopping demons to the land of wind and ghosts. Complete with enough groin punching to warrant it a place in "The Pain!!!", if I hadn't written it already. Just remember to watch out for SEALENTERs.

The Go Go Ackman trilogy
Akira Toriyama and Banpresto, together? Damn, this can't be good. Diaper-clad angels without noses? It's been done.

Sunsoft Barcode World rocks. At least, it would if I had it and a barcode scanner. From the company that brought you bad puns such as Fernandeath, comes Ufouria.

Ice Climber
You all know the Ice Climbers from their semi-triumphant return in the upcoming GameCube game, Smash Bros. Melee. This is where they started. Wheee!

Alien Soldier

Also, special feature: Alien Soldier Intro.

Ginga NinkyouDen
Even after the release of Beer Party, this remains Jaleco's strangest product. Honestly. Behold Jaleco's mastery of the Engrish language.

Rail Chase
Oh Bandit, my friend. You truly are, as they say in the vernacular, one lucky dog. Three words perfectly describe this game: Semi-Automatic Turban.

Waku Waku 7
Inbetween things more important than writing for this website, I wrote an article about the best 2D fighting game ever. And guess what: it's a sequel to something else. Surprisingly, though, it's not from Capcom... When it comes to giant monsters, Bandai has nothing on Sunsoft.

Money Idol Exchanger
Yes. Let's. Heartwarming tale of a schoolgirl, her money, and the hardships they face together. The greatest idea in marketing shoujo games since the introduction of dating simulations to Star Trek fans. Complete with measurements, just in case you want information on how to make your own life-sized inflatable Debtmiser doll.*

* DarkScarfy does not in any way support the manufacture of inflatable Debtmiser dolls.

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