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Useful Links: - The best Earthbound site on the net. Not that there's all that many people who play Earthbound anymore, but it's still cool.

Pointless Waste of Time - Exactly what its name implies it to be. Make sure to check out the caption contest.

Evil Monkey Archives - Home of EGM's Hsu and Chan, as well as other comics by J. Norm Scott.

Toastyfrog - It's Toastyfrog. Reviews, articles, and , most of all, Thumbnail Theaters.

GameFAQs - FAQs, cheats, info, and reviews for pretty much any game you can think of. Of course, most of the reviews suck, but that's good for my site.

Zany Video Game Quotes - The definitive resource for all your zany quoting needs. Be sure to check out The Legend of Segata Sanshiro while you're there, too.

Castle Excellent: Tasmania's Only Website Castle Excellent: Tasmania's Only Website - Home of the EncyclAPPOOOHdia, as well as a large assortment of American Sammy game reviews.

The Fantastically Adequate Hamster Republic Homepage - A nice little diversion from pretty much anything and everything. Be sure to read The Trouble With the World.

Progress Quest - An online RPG without all the tedious micromanagement. Fun, in a detached sort of way.

Stupid Links:
HIGASHIKUBO OFFICIAL WEB - Net Idol Higashikubo. He is a gentleman, but... DANGEROUS! Make sure you have the Flash plugin for the intro.

Ukulele Lessons - Ukulele lessons in broken English. "Ukulele have two shapes.Regular type is likes grammer female body's other is like a pineapple.It's cute.Its' sound is more mild than regular one. And so My first ukulele is this shapes."

Asian Prince - Just go there for the picture on the first page. That is one freaky moustache...

Whoop'ee - Japanese store for overweight people. Complete with Potbelly News.

Semi-Automatic Turban - Semi-Automatic Turban. Yeah...

MagicbyChris - Ummm... I don't get it.

SANDOU's RISINGSUN MINIFIG HEADQUARTERS - Really cool. Some Japanese guy making incredibly detailed LEGO models of movies and other stuff. Make sure to check out his rendition of Akira: it's every bit confusing as the original.

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