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Live A Live
What were the good people at Squaresoft doing in 1994 when they weren't watching Neon Genesis Evangelion? Why, writing games with strikingly similar plots, of course! Teenage mech pilots with psychological problems, ancient deities reincarnated as giant robots, meaningless symbolism, and depressing endings where everyone dies abound! And, for added measure, they threw in cowboys, cavemen, ninjas, kung-fu masters, and several freakishly huge goldfish monsters! Truly a masterpiece.

And, if you need the translation patch, get it here
Go! Go! Buriki Daioh!

Bokosuka Wars
Sometimes, simplicity produces the best effect. Believe it or not, it actually isn't the worst thing ever. Bravo! You Win! with Bokosuka Wars.

Joy Mech Fight
Crazy jumbles of disembodied limbs. A mad scientist that rivals even Dr. Wily in sheer evil stupidity. And a giant pink comedian robot. What more would you want from a title like Joy Mech Fight? Eeeeeeevil...