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Whew... (5/21/02)
Wow. AP tests are over, I have just a few more standardized tests to go, and then it's time for summer, when I'll be slightly less busy. I'm planning to completely redo the site layout as soon as I get a chance, but considering that the last article I wrote was waaaay back in February, who knows when it'll be done. I am going to try and update more frequently with random comments / info / etc. Then again, it's not like many people are going to read this for a while anyway: Google somehow dropped me from their cache, so my hit counter is creeping up abysmally slowly until they put me back.

Smallish update. (3/31/02)
Nothing much new on the site, except for a new image on the index page and a very small update on the links page. And my Bravenet counter isn't responding to cookies. Like I said, nothing much new.

M... M... Matango!!! (2/24/02)
Big, big Live A Live review up. You can get the translation patch for the rom from AGTP, but don't bug me about where to download the rom itself.

Site upgrade! Now it's slightly less unprofessional! (1/26/02)
DarkScarfy is now Bio-Mechanical Cowboy Website J: DarkScarfy! Not that it makes any difference; I just wanted to get rid of that hideous Cooltext logo that I never got around to changing. Also, I've made a number of small changes over the past few weeks to make the entire site look more uniform. Expect another review soon.

The site has fallen into disrepair, and I'll probably be spending much of my vacation fixing it (well, not much persay; more like just a couple of hours). Anyway, there's a new Review, just in time for Christmas. Discover the gift of Bokosuka Wars. It's not all that bad. Really.

It's been months, but... (11/25/01)
Finally, I've gotten around to another review for Joy Mech Fight. I'm not going to give out the rom, but if you want the translation patch, get it here

I'm back... again! (11/03/01)
Water polo season just finished up on Thursday, so I'm going to have lots more time to work on the site on the weekend (tournaments really suck out all of your spare time). Thankfully, even without any new content, my hits have been going up at a steady rate - particularly due to mislead porn-mongers. Apparently, I'm the number two search on Netscape for inflatable dolls, the number one search on Google for "video game nudity" (with the quotation marks, that is), and, for some reason, I'm number 7 for fighting games groin. Ah well. Hits are hits, regardless of how sick and depraved the hitter is.

Not much is happening in the way of actual updates today. I'm planning to post another review and give the links page a well-needed update in the near future. I'd redesign the site, but I have no idea what I want it to look like, so that's on the back burners for now. Come to think of it, the only actual part of this update that's important is all explained on the entrance page, so I'm not going to bother retyping it here. Just remember to start going to rather than

Phantom Fighter (08/14/01)
The last (read: second) review of the summer is here. So don't expect too much out of me until I either get a holiday without a ton of homework due or I actually find a staff.

Changed updates format. (08/02/01)
Well, anyone who's been here lately will find that pretty obvious. Also, I've changed the format of the front page and added a splash screen to get rid of's frames.

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