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The History of Wrestling Games

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      This game is indescribably horrible. The character design is so bad, I can't even tell if the character underneath in the picture to the right is a guy with a red beard or a fish-man. The other characters in the game include badly drawn knights, devils, and samurai. I don't know what the hell the rest are supposed to be. Gameplay is even worse. There is no grappling: to throw a person, you have to get behind them and attack. It doesn't matter, though: after a certain amount of time, a power-up appears in the ring. Whoever gets it is granted dramatically increased speed and strength for about 30 seconds, which is about how long you'll play before pulling the cart out of your Nintendo and throwing it out of the nearest open window in disgust.

Rating: 1/5

Think up your own caption. I'm too disgusted to even try to be witty.

Riki - Kunio

      Or, as us Yanks would call it, Ryan - Alex. Another great Technos game. It's not really a wrestling game, but it's closer to that than to anythng else. It's basically River City Ransom without the adventure aspects, more playable characters, and the ability to have 4 players fighting simultaneously. Not exactly deep gameplay, but extremely fun nonetheless.

Rating: 4/5


Tag-Team Pro Wrestling

      Just a plain bad game. Bad graphics, bad gameplay, bad pretty much everything. Yet somehow, it's still better than M.U.S.C.L.E.

Rating: 1.9/5

Strong Bads vs. Ricky Fighters

Pro Wrestling

      Without a doubt, the greatest wrestling game ever made. Each individual character from Starman to the Great Puma has a huge array of moves. Even though you have to fight everybody seemingly dozens of times before getting to the final match, it never gets boring. Not to mention the best Engrish quote ever. Remember: A WINNER IS YOU!

Rating: 5/5

Three words: Kin Korn Karn.

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