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Ackman, Counter-Strike, and other stuff. (07/24/01)
If you haven't noticed, this site has been on hiatus for over a month. But, I've recently had time to work on the site (i.e. I felt like it), and so I'm updating now that I have the chance. I'm posting up a new review of all 3 Go Go Ackman games, and I'm thinking of making some changes to the layout (specifically replacing that poorly coded Bonus Kun counter that screws up on half the resolutions lower than mine). Also, I've been working on a Counter-Strike map, so I'll be sure to upload it as soon as it's done.

Sunsoft... again. (06/13/01)
I put up a review of Ufouria, one of Sunsoft's best games that wasn't Waku Waku 7.

Troubleshooting (05/28/01)
I added server side includes to make it easier to update, so if there are any problems, contact me.

As promised... (05/26/01)
A review. Not a very long one, mind you, but a review nonetheless. Have fun with it.

Chatroom (05/21/01)
I put up a javascript application that brings up the chat applet in a new window, but there are still a few problems with the chat itself (I think there might be a problem with the provider, but I'll have to look into it). I'm almost done with finals, so expect a new article soon.

New layout (04/24/01)
Due to the number of articles on it, my main page was taking too long to load. So, I redid the site layout.

IRC cometh (04/23/01)
It's #darkscarfy, and you can get to it on a Java applet here. I'm only bothering to register it tonight, but I'll be sure to add more info, an icon on the menu bar, and probably some extra bots soon.

Super-big happy update. (04/19/01)
Well, not really, just a very delayed one. But we've got Alien Soldier and more Alien Soldier. Also, article happens to have the first special bonus feature on this site. So there.

The wait continues... (03/23/01)
I'm going to be doing a lot of HTMLing for a group project on George Orwell's 1984, so I don't know when I'll be able to write another article. I'll link to the 1984 page when I'm done, but that could happen as late as a month from now.

Just a stupid link I discovered today... (03/06/01)
Here. And it's added to the links page, too. There's a description of it on the links page, but for all of you too lazy to look, I think this depicts it best:

Damn your rapidly expanding flabby mutant hide, Tetsuo. Look at what you've done to this guy.

New counter, new stuff (03/05/01)
I moved the counter to the main page, and changed it to have a stylish Bonus Kun motif. Also, I'm going to start posting dates on the updates (I don't know why I haven't done that before).

Links section
I removed the utterly useless About section and replaced it with a Links page. There probably won't be any new articles for a few more weeks, though.

Just updating to say...
...that I won't update for a while. I will be getting video capture hardware soon, which'll help me out a lot with the site. For now, here's a random picture to keep you going:


New Ginga NinkyouDen stuff.
The Ginga NinkyouDen review is here. This'll clear up the new menu somewhat.

Glad I finally left that server...
Of course, I'm still using the message boards from Dencity. The ads are a small price to pay to stop those damn nav errors.

New Ginga NinkyouDen Menu Thingie
It took a while (well, not really), but I modified the site to be more Jaleco-ey. As for an explanation of what Ginga Ninkyouden is, that'll be in my next article. Be sure to contact me if there's a problem with a page on the site.

3-part mini-review special!
The first article on wrestling games to not mention the WWF is here. It's like 9 reviews at once, only much more disappointing!

Could it be? Could it actually update soon?
It seems that Combustible Weasel might update sometime soon, with content actually written by Andrew. Until then, however, here's a Rail Chase review to tide you over.

Excess vacation
Even though it's only a week after Christmas vacation, I still get a 5-day weekend. Hopefully it'll give me a chance to update the site more. Until then, read either this or this.

No new articles, but...
It turns out that I have a message board from Dencity and I didn't even know it. Go to it here

First update. But what does it do? (12/14/00)
For now, this is just going to be used as a storage area for Combustible Weasel (details on why in the archives), but who knows. Maybe I'll get original content someday. All I have now are two articles: The Pain!!! and Money Idol Exchanger. Read 'em here before they move.

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